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Reception Date / /
Time From  :      To   :
Address of Location
City State Zip
Phone # of Location
Bride’s Name
Home Phone
Work Phone
Groom’s Name
Home Phone
Work Phone
Number of Guests
Check all appropriate items on Wedding Questionnaire below.
1. Style of DJ preferred
High Profile, fun loving personality Moderate, leaning toward quiet
Moderate, leaning toward high profile Low key, quiet, conservative
2. Style of music preferred during cocktail hour or meal
(check as many as appropriate)
Easy listening Contemporary
Classical Country
Top 40 Show Tunes
Adult Contemporary / Soft Rock Jazz
Urban Other
3. Style of music preferred during dancing (check as many as appropriate)
Top 40 - current hits plus hits of the late eighties and nineties (like Z104 in Washington or B102.7 in Baltimore)
Adult Top 40 - current hits except for rap and hard rock plus hits of the 80’s & 90’s (like MIX 107.3 in D.C. or MIX 106.5 in Baltimore)
Adult Contemporary - softer hits from the seventies through the present (like 97 WASH in Washington or WLIF in Baltimore)
Oldies - danceable hits from the sixties plus some fifties and seventies (like Oldies 100 in Washington or WQSR 105.7 in Baltimore)
Retro - disco dance hits of the mid-seventies through mid-eighties (like Jammin’ Oldies 99.5 in D.C.)
Big Band - the swing classics from the thirties and forties
Classic Rock - rock hits of the sixties and seventies
Modern Rock - the alternative, progressive tunes that WHFS plays
Soul, also called Rhythm and Blues - urban contemporary (like WPGC in Washington or 92Q in Baltimore)
Country - (like 98 WMZQ in Washington or WPOC in Baltimore)
A wide variety, taking requests from guests
4. First Dance:
5. Dance with Father:
Yes  Specify song
6. Specify song requests (list name of song and artist, list up to twelve songs or artists)
7. Do you want any special ethnic music?
Polkas Other Polish Music
Horas Other Jewish Music
Latin Salsa
Older Latin Rhythms
Tarantellas Other Italian Music
Jigs Other Irish Music
Other (specify)
8. Are there any special ceremonies?
Additional toasts Other entertainment
Religious observances Anniversaries
Special birthdays Dollar dance
Other (specify)
Elaborate on above checked items (give names)
9. Is there a special last dance?
Yes  If yes, list title
10. Are we providing wedding ceremony music?
Yes  If yes, list processional title  
recessional title
11. Will our Davis Deejay be your emcee?
Do you want us to introduce the wedding party as you enter the reception hall?

If yes, please fill in below:  

Correct Order: Parents of Bride, Parents of Groom, Attendants (in order they walk down aisle with Ushers), 

Maid or Matron of Honor with Best Man, Bride and Groom.

Parents of Bride
Parents of Groom
Attendants (in order they walk down aisle with Ushers)
Maid/Matron of Honor with Best Man
Bride and Groom
12. Will the toast come immediately prior to dinner?
No  If no, specify when
Will the Best Man give the toast?
Yes  Best Man’s name
No    If no, specify other person and name
13. Do you want the first dance immediately after dinner?
14. Second Dance (check the appropriate one that you want:)
Bride with father/groom with mother, then bride and groom with in-laws
Parents of bride/parents of groom, then bridal party after parents
Bridal party, then all guests
All guests
Bride with father only
Other (please specify)
15. Do you want the cake cutting about an hour after dinner?
No    If no, specify when:
16. Will you have the traditional bouquet toss?
Will you have the traditional garter removal and toss?
If yes, will they come towards the end of the reception?
No    If no, specify when:

Please Enter Any and All Special Instructions and Requests Below:

To guarantee that your requests will be honored, please return this information at least six weeks prior to your affair.

Please alert your caterer, hotel, or hall that our deejay will need an eight or six foot skirted table.